Olga Roberts

Research Coordinator / Climate Outreach

I had the pleasure of working closely with Elise on a series of diverse design projects in my former role as Research Coordinator with Climate Outreach. These included lengthy, fully referenced reports, visually engaging handbooks and a complex project on the visual communication of climate change. Elise's fresh eye, clean arresting designs and attention to detail were indispensable to these projects, lending visual impact and accessibility to important research in the field of climate communications. Elise has two crucial qualities you want in a designer: she listens carefully to her clients' needs and specifications, and knows exactly when to intercede with constructive suggestions based on her design expertise. In terms of personal qualities, Elise is extremely personable, seems to have inexhaustible patience and flexibility, is very organised and efficient, and keeps her client appraised of a project's progress at all times. Most importantly, Elise has a brilliant 'eye' to realise innovative and visually powerful projects.

Jennifer Brown

Executive Director / Canadian International Air Show

If you want your design project to 'take off', look no further than Elise! The Canadian International Air Show (CIAS) has worked with Elise on a variety of projects over the past few years, including our programme, Airspeed Magazine, and our marketing documents. It was clear early on that Elise possesses the perfect blend of professionalism, a collaborative spirit and the desire to really understand the goals of the project and our macro business objectives. Her experience is evident in the many great ideas she presents to us after giving thoughtful consideration to each endeavour and our operational parameters. I have worked with a number of designers to varying degrees of success. What really makes Elise stand out is not only her creative capabilities but also her sharp attention to detail. If you want to work with an awesome designer and get amazing results, choose Elise and Explore Communications. You won't be disappointed!