You work hard on your communications materials because your message matters.
You carefully choose every word to ensure you reach your audience.
You want your awesome work to stand out!

It's simple: you need a clean, eye-catching and memorable design that allows your content to shine.

I'm Elise - feel free to check out some of my work. I design reports, brochures, business cards, programmes, etc. for nonprofits, small businesses and events. I work mostly in Adobe InDesign, it's perfect for these projects.

Before becoming a full-time designer, I managed internal communications for a company with 3000+ employees worldwide and organised major events for thousands of guests. Deadlines are my thing. Details too. That's how I ended up being creative and detail-oriented: I have experience in both design & communications. I'm also a native speaker of English & French and enjoy working in both languages.

If it sounds like we'd be a good fit, I'd love to hear about your upcoming projects!
Elise photo

Want to know more about me?

- I'm pretty sure I could survive on water, coffee and dark chocolate.
- Music makes everything better.
- I've lived in over 10 different cities in Europe & North America.
- If you want to talk The Walking Dead, GoT, Scandal, Big Bang Theory - you get the point... Let's do it! With coffee.
- I studied Design in Canada, Communications & Marketing in France & the US, and Event Management in the UK.
- I love everything about traveling. Except packing. Not a fan of packing.
- I'm a scarfaholic. Yes, that's a thing.